About Me

Let's face it, your current manager probably sucks.

If you want real mentorship and career guidance, you're in the right place! I'm Josh Hicks, a seasoned veteran in the tech industry with over a decade of experience under my belt. By day, I navigate the intricate world of Engineering Management, and by night, I share my insights and experiences through my blog, offering career coaching and candid reflections on the software development industry.

My journey in software development wasn't conventional. I didn't start with a computer science degree or a prestigious internship. Instead, I taught myself software development on nights and weekends while working minimum wage jobs. Through perseverance and determination, I transformed my passion for coding into a lucrative career, going from minimum wage to a six-figure salary in just a few years.

Now, I'm here to share what I've learned along the way. Through my blog, I offer practical advice and real-world tactics for ambitious engineers looking to advance their careers. From mastering coding languages to cultivating leadership skills, I provide actionable strategies to help you excel in your role and emerge as a leader within your organization.

But my blog isn't just about career advice; it's a platform where I share my thoughts on the software development industry as a whole. From the latest trends and technologies to the unspoken realities of the industry, I aim to provide valuable insights and foster meaningful discussions among my readers.

So whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your journey, I invite you to join me as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of software development together. Let's unlock your full potential and achieve greatness in this dynamic field. Welcome to my blog, where we're not just coding for a living; we're shaping the future of technology, one line of code at a time.

If you're interested in customized 1-on-1 coaching to advance in your Software Development career, please see the coaching page.